hi my name is gabrielle nora.
this is all you care about.
I live in Washington, D.C.


Tomorrow I get bottomless mimosas. Tomorrow I am already happy.

with me with me with MEEEEE

i’ve eaten .75 lbs of sour watermelon since tuesday by myself but im still feeling p unstoppable so it’s fine really

how ya fill about

comin home wit a


I can’t believe that women are the most perfect things in the world and I am lucky enough to get to exist in their presence. 

cosmo tip #457


If a boy sends you a picture of his penis, send him a picture of a bigger penis.

oh my god

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the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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my mother is tired. she’s been working 15 hour days since she started working. she lost her job last year out of no where after working with the head chef for as long as she’s been in the business. she picked herself up and got a new job making half the money doing hard ass work. she’s taking care of both my grandparents who have now both had serious injuries and surgery within a week. and i feel fucking useless up here dicking around. i just want to go help but no one will let me. not my mom, not my family, not my job. ever since i left shit has fallen apart and this is as bad as ever and i’m just here going on about life while my mom heads to work after taking my grandfather to the hospital at 530 am today when she was at work last night until 11. all this so i’ll never have to work as hard as she did her whole life. whenever i go home i always get so overwhelmed i say im never going back because i can’t handle their drama. sometimes i am left speechless with their selflessness, especially my mother. family is an insane thing, i guess is what i’m saying. my mother is so tired.

maybe we should.

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i might be a little stoned but im still 100% sure i just got lost in my building on the elevator and found a secret floor in between the lobby and the garage bye!